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Fitting Joiners

Features and Benefits

Unique joiner which is designed to connect one fitting to another fitting.
  • Manufactured from HDPE
  • Push-on fit

Metric Size
Order Code
150 DCT1217
200 DCT1218
250 DCT1219
300 DCT1220

Backdraught Shutters

Features and Benefits

Backdraught Shutters are designed to prevent the flow of air back into the room.


Metric (mm) Size Order Code
100 DCT0213
125 DCT0036
150 DCT0511







  • Manufactured from electro-zinc steel
  • Positive spring return mechanism. The
    springs are carefully selected for positive
    closure without undue pressure loss.


    Metric (mm) Size Order Code
    200 DCT2092
    250 DCT2236
    315 DCT2237





    Size A B C
    200 200 140 63
    250 250 140 63
    315 315 140 63

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